Kristin's Story

Thousands know Kristin as the "hot yoga chic" -- star of the MTV yoga exercise tapes. She's a cover girl in the yoga world and a sought-after private instructor for celebrities, and while this may seem a world away from the potato fields of Pocatello where Kristin grew up, there is more Idaho in Kristin than Manhattan. Kristin, 31, lives a quiet life; her busy yoga schedule demands an early bedtime and an austere lifestyle. At their root, Kristin's dreams are modest. "What I'd ultimately love is to get married, have a family," she says. "I would love, love, love to just meet the person that I want to come home to every night."

It's Kristin's aversion to the bar scene that makes online dating so appealing to her, but the sight-unseen factor leads to some catastrophically bad dates. "You can't get chemistry via a computer," Kristin says. "So often the profile and the man don't match up -- it's like two different people. I didn't expect it to be this hard to find my prince charming!"

Kristin also probably didn't expect she'd have to sift through so many frogs in her search for her prince -- 14 frogs to be exact. Kristin goes out with 14 men from all over the map -- a sculptor, a Wall Street analyst, a chef, a night club singer and a doctor, to name a few -- but only one guy with any potential. Will a kiss turn this frog into her prince?

ABC's documentary series "Hooking Up" follows 11 women through a year of online dating. The series debuts Thursday, July 14, at 9 p.m. ET.