Tweeting for a Job


"You can publish jobs immediately as they happen," said Jen Terry, director of talent attraction at AT&T. "From a company perspective, it's easy to publish, it's immediate to the handheld [device] and it has a pretty good return rate."

Terry added that since the company began using Twitter in March 2008, more than 430 applications have come in with the applicant mentioning learning about the job via Twitter.

"A Much More Direct Path"

"It's giving a much more direct path for conversation than maybe some traditional method like on a website," Terry explained. "AT&T is a fairly big company, and to have a dialogue and to ask questions is sometimes not so easy to do if you go to a corporate website."

Starbucks also credits Twitter in helping fill some of their job openings.

"Twitter is a great way to start a conversation and has led to many hires," said Lacey All, director of strategic talent initiative at Starbucks. The international coffeehouse chain currently reaches more than 11,000 followers on @StarbucksJobs, while its consumer account, @Starbucks, reaches more than 1.2 million followers.

And Alison Morris, happy in her new job with the CHT Group, emphasized that the earlier you become engaged with your industry's professionals, the better off you can be when beginning your search for a new job.

"You have to build up your network of people and your network of allies," Morris explained. "That way, you'll have people to help pull for you and help find you those job openings you can't do on your own." contributor Clay LePard is a member of the ABC News on Campus bureau in Syracuse, N.Y.

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