'This Week' Transcript: Tragedy in Tucson


AMANPOUR: As people do pray for her -- and she's obviously galvanized the thoughts of this whole nation and internationally, as well -- what are the doctors telling you? What is her husband telling you about her actual level of consciousness? You know, there were so many reports that she was conscious before and after this all happened.

FERTITTA: She was conscious, you know, before the surgery, and -- and Mark called me right before he got on the plane and took off, and then she went into surgery, but she is in an induced coma right now, and she'll be in the induced coma for the next few days. That's what the doctors feel like is best. They've got to make sure she's not -- I'm not a doctor, but they've got to make sure that, you know, they control the, you know -- that the brain continues to operate well.

And so this is what's best. And they're keeping the family close by and just telling them, you know, we're going to keep her like this and see what happens.

AMANPOUR: And how is her husband holding up? He's obviously the next commander for the shuttle mission. He was training in Houston. You provided the plane, I believe.

FERTITTA: Yeah, Mark and Gabby are very good friends. And when Mark called me yesterday morning and said, "Hey, I've got to get to Tucson," of course, we worked it out very quickly.

And it's a struggle. It's a struggle for his brother in space. He's on the space station right now, and we've had conversations with him, because he's trying to get information, and the whole family is struggling. Mark's very upset and, you know, very bitter right now that something like this would happen.

You've got to understand, Gabby is one of those people that doesn't offend anybody. She likes everybody, Republicans, Democrats. She's so accessible. Here it is. Remember, the election is over, and she's -- she's not with her husband. She's meeting all her constituents in Tucson yesterday, hundreds of them. And she's not running for re-election right now.

And that's what, I guess, is -- has affected all of us, is of all the people out there, not that anybody deserves this, but for this to happen to Gabby and for this to happen to all those poor people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and it's so unfortunate for everybody.

AMANPOUR: Mr. Fertitta, thank you so much for joining us on this morning.

And when we come back, who is Jared Lee Loughner? Inside the mind of the shooter, after this.


AMANPOUR: Twenty people shot, several at point-blank range. Many of the survivors are being treated behind me here at the University Medical Center. And now authorities want to know what caused the alleged gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, to snap.

ABC News senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest on the investigation into this troubled young man.


THOMAS (voice-over): The suspect is identified as 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, young, angry, increasingly unstable, the last person you'd want to see with a gun. Eyewitnesses say Loughner was coldly detached as he shot the congresswoman and victim after victim.

(UNKNOWN): He was very young, dressed in dark navy sweats, and he just began shooting, and there was a sense of unreality to it.

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