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  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    You probably don't want to be stuck on the "Lost" island with Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Locke or Ben. But if you are looking to get away from it all, Frommer's has just published a guide to <a href="" target="external">500 extraordinary islands</a> around the world worth a visit. For instance, <a href="" target="external">Saint Lucia</a>, seen here, has rich volcanic soil, plenty of tropical sunshine and diverse plant life. But when it rains on St. Lucia, it pours: Clouds turn black and the heavens rumble. This might just be the perfect place to play out your "Lost" fantasies.
    Saint Lucia Tourist Board
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    The "Lost" cast departed from Australia on its fateful flight, but to really escape, maybe the group should have headed south to <a href="" target="external">Tasmania</a>. There are wallabies, bandicoots, wombats and opossums plus rare tree frogs and parrots. Tasmania's size also surprises many: Only 25 islands in the world are larger than this sprawling land of rain forests, mountain peaks, alpine meadows and great lakes.
    Discover Tasmania
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    Landing in Iceland, many travelers feel like they have arrived on the surface of the moon or some other out-of-this world place. Steam whiffs out of cracks in the treeless basalt plain, and the air has a sulfuric tang. Iceland has volcanoes, glaciers, magnificent waterfalls and plenty of geysers. But the best and most-relaxing way to experience the island's geothermal activity might be at the <a href="" target="external">Blue Lagoon,</a> where visitors can plunge into warm turquoise waters heated by the earth.
    Iceland Tourist Board
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    Speaking of volcanoes, visitors to <a href="" target="external">Crater Lake National Park</a> can hike around an ancient volcano that erupted 7,700 years ago and form a caldera now filled with the country's deepest lake -- almost 2,000 feet of piercing blue water. But the oddest part of it all is Wizard Island, a cinder cone that rises like a sorcerer's hat near the western shore of the lake. Not only is the park remote, but there is only one way to the island: a park run boat that operates only in the summer. And even then, it's not a short hike to the boat launch. Talk about escaping.
    Steve Terrill
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    It might be located just 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, but <a href="" target="external">Block Island</a> feels miles, if not centuries, away. It was once considered a desperate outpost, fit mostly for pirates, smuggles and scavengers. Then the post-Civil War tourism boom hit, and the island found its calling. Today, most of its hotels are Victorian-style seaside inns. There are about 900 year-round residents, but in summer thousands of tourists flock here for the dramatic cliffs, ponds and rolling green interior, and, of course, the beach.
    Michael Melford
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    With its steel skyscrapers, bustling street life and sophisticated transit system, <a href="" target="external">Singapore</a> doesn't exactly seem like a place to escape. But given its strategic location, the island city-state has turned into an international crossroads. Visiting the night market is a great way to sample food and crafts from the ethnic groups that live in Singapore.
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    No other collection of islands in the world have such an odd combination of rare and diverse animals than the Galapagos. Plus, it's where Charles Darwin discovered the clues about the origins of man and evolution. As a destination for lovers of wildlife, or for anyone who needs a thorough cleansing from the rigors of modern life, this pristine and superbly isolated archipelago tops even the safaris of Africa.
    Klein Tours
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    Looking for an easy way to time travel? Then the Swedish island of <a href="" target="external">Gotland</a> might just be right for you. The town of Visby offers travelers centuries -old limestone walls, watchtowers from the Middle Ages and even a moat. But in August the town really comes alive, or should we say falls back in time, when it hosts <a href="" target="external">Medieval Week</a>, which includes jousting tournaments, parades and food and crafts displays.
    Peter Grant
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    The turquoise waters of the Caribbean are perfectly displayed at <a href="" target="external">Grand Cayman</a> plus there is reliable sunshine, tropical beaches and amazing undersea exploration opportunities. Surrounded by coral reefs and dramatic dropoffs in all directions and endowed with perpetually warm and clear waters, Grand Cayman has turned into a major diving and snorkeling destination.
    Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    The remote ends of the earth aren't necessarily barren and inhospitable; some are downright alluring. The 83-island archipelago of <a href="" target="external">Vanuatu</a> lies halfway between Australia and Hawaii (hmm, sound familiar "Lost" fans?) and is known as the happiest place on earth.
    Vanuatu Tourist Office
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    On, Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands sits the beautiful 300-year-old garden of the Shimadzu clan's estate, Sengan'en, in the city of <a href="" target="external">Kagoshima</a>. The garden includes a bamboo grove, an artificial waterfall and a stone lantern set by a carp pond. It's the perfect place to escape from it all.
  • LOST: Find Your Own Island Escape

    This sure doesn't look like an island, but it is. In Berlin, the city leaders decided to build a complex of museums on an island in the middle of the Spree River. The Museumsinsel, or museum island as it is known, is home to several museums and was added to the <a href="" target="external">UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites</a> in 1999.
    Hans Peter
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