GRAPHIC CONTENT: Duke Accuser's Contradictory Statements

According to new motions filed by defense lawyers, the accuser in the Duke lacrosse sex assault case now says that one of the players did not sexually assault her at all and has changed the time she alleges the attack took place.

The changes in her story cast doubt on the strenghth of her case. Three Duke students -- Colin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans -- were indicted in the spring on charges of felony rape, kidnapping and sexual assault for an alleged incident on March 13, during a Duke lacrosse team party.

Here are the accuser's version of the events of March 13, 2006, according to investigators.(Reader caution: Sexually-explicit language is used.)

Accuser Statement as Told By Durham Police Investigator Benjamin Himan, March 16, 2006

"She stated that she was grabbed by her legs and arms by three men, named Adam, Brett and Matt. (NOTE: Accuser later identified 'Adam'' as Reade Seligmann).

"She stated that Matt had her legs and Brett was behind her and put his private part in her anus and her vagina. She stated that she thinks he ejaculated and then stated 'I'm done. It's your turn.' While doing this they all were chanting or repeatedly saying 'f---k this n---r b---h.' She stated that Matt then came from the front and he tried to 'put it in my a---s but it was sore.

"She then stated Matt started to choke her and he penetrated 'my anus and vagina.' She stated that when Matt put it in her anus Adam became excited. 'He (Adam) then started to ejaculate and the [sic] put it in her mouth. She stated that she stated [sic] she spit it out near the toilet in the bathroom."

Accuser Statement as Told By Durham District Attorney Chief Investgator Linwood Wilson, Dec. 21, 2006

"Accuser stated that 'once in the bathroom, Dave Evans was behind me, Reade Seligmann was in front of me and Finnerty was on the floor under Seligmann. I felt a sharp pain in my vagina and someone said 'we're gonna rape or f---k (doesn't remember which) this n---r b---h.'

"The accuser stated that Dave Evans was in the read and after a few minutes he asked one of the other guys (Seligmann) to get back behind her and Seligmann said he didn't want to because he was getting married. Finnerty then got up and got behind her and Dave Evans got under Finnerty on the floor and Seligmann was still in front of her.

"[Alleged victim] stated at this point that she started feeling sharp pains in her a---s and vagina, while Finnerty was behind her. Both Finnerty and Evans were trying to get Seligmann to 'do it' but he kept saying no.

"Then Seligmann got behind her, Finnerty got on the floor under her and Evans got in front of her. Dave Evans started jacking his penis and ejaculating on her face and she started spitting."