Suspect in Triple Murder Trial Smiles and Waves


In Komisarjevsky's trial, the defense lawyers asked in their motions that only one row of seats be reserved for the Petit family and that others be scattered through the courtroom. They also asked that no one be allowed to wear pins or shirts indicating support for the Petit family.

Komisarjevsky's lawyers objected to any reserved seats for the media and asked the judge to ban any electronic devices in the court because during Hayes' trial reporters used Twitter -- what the lawyers called "haiku journalism" -- to report events directly from the courtroom.

His attorneys will now try to get the trial moved to another jurisdiction arguing that the jury pool is tainted and that it will be impossible for him to get a fair trial in New Haven.

"His legal team is fully aware that the chances of winning are less than 1 percent. These motions are being made and argued not for the trial court, but for the appellate court with the anticipation that he will be convicted," said Keefe. "They are hoping the court makes a reversible error that gets him off the death penalty, and gives him life in prison."

"They will be fighting this case for years at a great cost to taxpayers. This is exactly the type of case that those pointing to repealing the death penalty cite," Keefe said.

In fact, lawmakers in both houses of the Connecticut legislature voted to repeal the death penalty in 2009 . But then Gov. Jodi Rell vetoed the order. Current Gov. Dan Malloy has said that he would sign legislation abolishing the death penalty. The Connecticut state legislature may consider repealing the death penalty again in May, which could be at the height of the Komisarjevsky trial.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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