Storm Prep Leaves Empty Store Shelves in Georgia

Salt, sand, kitty litter and food basics are the hot commodities as Georgians prepare for snow.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Storm Prep Leaves Empty Store Shelves in Georgia
Today the deep south this in the state of emergency is a second winter storm in as many weeks -- snow and ice in places that just aren't equipped for. Big stuff -- ahead of us tomorrow could be a terrible day and from Dallas to Huntsville to Columbia, South Carolina -- have already become dangerous and deadly. In Atlanta public schools are closed for the next two days before even -- snowflake has fallen they're expecting two inches of snow and a quarter inch of ice by Wednesday. A grocery stores evidence of -- panic aisles clear to the staples its families prepare to hunker down for days it. Because I have 28 year old twins at home. And her husband and they all -- lives. Telling what you got his heart. I guess through. New -- everything first everything you need. It seems plain noted hardware stores too many sold out of salt -- and kitty litter to give those slippery sidewalks and -- Across the region memories still fresh with the nightmares caused by the last storm when Atlanta -- -- jammed ice rinks and thousands of kids were stranded in their schools. Georgia governor Nathan Deal criticized for being -- prepared last time. He's been warning this one could be worse I ace is the big danger here. -- as we did not lose power in the most recent incidents. -- as you know presents a great challenge meanwhile the weather is another hit for airlines and their passengers within a thousand flights have already been canceled with the world's busiest airport Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson. Been hardest hit. Forecasters say the worst of this -- -- hit tonight into Wednesday the National Weather Service says this one has the potential to be a catastrophic event. At historic proportions. Devin -- ABC news Atlanta.

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{"id":22465350,"title":"Storm Prep Leaves Empty Store Shelves in Georgia","duration":"3:00","description":"Salt, sand, kitty litter and food basics are the hot commodities as Georgians prepare for snow.","url":"/US/video/storm-prep-leaves-empty-store-shelves-georgia-22465350","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}