Store Owner Gets Wet Revenge

Bothered by people using back of the store as a "men's room," a locksmith turns the hose on offender.
2:54 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Store Owner Gets Wet Revenge
Sorry this story that we start we -- exit is. Interesting to -- -- so there is locksmith in Allentown Pennsylvania who it is fed up with people using the back Alley as basically public toilet. -- so he. No way to get back at that people who were doing that and here's a little -- -- video it's it's it's a -- -- -- fatally so but. He leaned up against the wall over the and wait for it wait for -- he's doing his business. And that's been paid back to 800 Boehner is hooked up hallways. And never ending catch somebody trying to do their business behind a locksmith store the date on the unleash the water. -- right on out. There you go you wanna when Arnold. Story -- you get so yeah -- all the homes and following the guy away if is it that its only real -- it's not like oh my gosh I got that -- That's marvelous story he looked up before you feel more certainly after. All right this is a strange one -- that's got fifteen seconds as the new exercise called Francis sizes nearly two decades old implants relic -- -- just. Failed miserably two decades ago but now with the Internet YouTube. It's making a comeback when -- -- that are. For example Laurie war -- all the way they're all the stories. -- -- -- -- -- -- Again everybody dance. And -- PM -- everything here diet. -- Well yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- Bruno and there's -- yeah. When the -- and -- Hilan -- That's working the graveyard -- that's why we don't.

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{"id":19294444,"title":"Store Owner Gets Wet Revenge","duration":"2:54","description":"Bothered by people using back of the store as a \"men's room,\" a locksmith turns the hose on offender.","url":"/WNN/video/store-owner-wet-revenge-19294444","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}