Clippers $2 Billion Sale May Be a Done Deal

Donald Sterling's mental health may have been a key factor in selling the LA Clippers.
2:05 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for Clippers $2 Billion Sale May Be a Done Deal
today, saying that jay has become one of his closest friends. I'm sure he'll enjoy the break. Thank you. Now to developments involving the L.A. Clippers. Donald sterling's wife inking a deal, but her husband saying not so fast. Will the deal go through? Ryan smith on this again tonight. Reporter: The deal is done, but is it a done deal? Overnight, former Microsoft CEO and billionaire Steve Ballmer, signing an agreement with Donald sterling's wife Shelley to pay a whopping $2 billion for the L.A. Clippers. The largest sale in NBA history. The news came just hours after Donald sterling's lawyer, maxwell bleacher, told CNN he wasn't budging. We don't think the team can be sold without Mr. Sterling's consent. Mr. Sterling is not going to consent unless the NBA does something about the scurrilous and illegal charges they've filed against him. Reporter: So how could she make a deal to sell the team when Donald sterling said he wouldn't sell? A source tells ABC news that Donald sterling was found to be mentally incapacitated by neurologists this month. Since the sterlings own the team in a trust, and the rules of that trust don't require a court to declare Mr. Sterling incapacitated, his wife Shelley became the sole person authorized to sell it. Today, another of Donald sterling's lawyers telling ABC news any assertion that Donald sterling lacks mental capacity is absurd. Mr. Sterling's mental acuity is something Shelley sterling raised with ABC's Barbara Walters when talking about his now infamous racist rant. Do you know what his state of mind is? My opinion of his state of mind, I think he's going through dementia. Reporter: As for the potential new owner, Steve Ballmer released a statement saying he's honored to have his name submitted for NBA approval. The NBA still has to approve the sale. We just received late word,

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{"id":23938307,"title":"Clippers $2 Billion Sale May Be a Done Deal","duration":"2:05","description":"Donald Sterling's mental health may have been a key factor in selling the LA Clippers.","url":"/WNT/video/clippers-billion-sale-deal-23938307","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}