Is Iraq Slipping Into the Hands of Militants?

Once the focal point of America's fight in Iraq, Mosul now in hands of Al Qaeda linked militants.
2:32 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Is Iraq Slipping Into the Hands of Militants?
Disturbing scene unfolding in Iraq one of the very cities American soldiers fought to protect. Tonight it's now in the hands of al-Qaeda so dangerous the Iraqi soldiers are troop train troops trained now on the run. And so -- a half million families in fact look at this a massive traffic jam cars trying to get out of the city to get out of harm's way. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz -- traveled to Iraq more than twenty times with a desperate race to get out tonight. -- this sounds. Of all out war explosions. -- gunfire -- kind of flags flying military. The terror groups today moving freely throughout this city. Mosul was once a focal point of America's fight to bring peace and stability to this country. Face after face of the fallen more than 200 US troops in all. Giving their lines to secure this city. And now this James Smith still suffers from traumatic brain injury after hitting a roadside bomb in Mosul in 2005. My heart -- -- my stomach and I was very. Blair setting. -- of all the heart where we -- stabilize the city. It was where a confident General David Petraeus told me hundreds of thousands of Iraqi forces being trained would not be intimidated you can't have that situation. And I don't think you'll see it here. But today those same Iraqi forces -- under attack in US supplied armored vehicles eventually abandoning them. Their weapons and even their uniforms. And this is just the latest city to spiral out of control. Now that the US has pulled out. In January we headed to militant controlled Fallujah about five miles out of Fallujah the -- became. Far -- desolate and Iraqi Security Forces warned us we should not go any further America's ambassador telling his then of his fears. It's very much in our interest to have an Iraq that is. Stable and not to have sectarian conflict. Or not quite a presence that can be used to 22 to stabilize the rest of the region. So eleven years after the US invaded Iraq -- nearly 4500. American lives. And spent over 730. Billion dollars -- -- is in crisis those Iraqi forces were trained and expected to stand up to the threat clearly they failed. And tonight there is little the US can do about it David. Very troubling pictures tonight Martha thank you.

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{"id":24080769,"title":"Is Iraq Slipping Into the Hands of Militants? ","duration":"2:32","description":"Once the focal point of America's fight in Iraq, Mosul now in hands of Al Qaeda linked militants.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-slipping-hands-militants-24080769","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}