Sgt. Bergdahl's Big Challenge: Re-Adjusting to Normal

The difficulties for the imprisoned American solider will be re-acclimating to life at home.
1:50 | 06/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sgt. Bergdahl's Big Challenge: Re-Adjusting to Normal
Military doctors are hard at work trying to help -- -- prepare for a slow and difficult transition back to American life. So why is it so difficult ABC's Neal Karlinsky travels to his hometown and Iowa. For -- -- -- freedom is complicated. If you can imagine what he's endured but British filmmaker Sean Lincoln KN. I'm terrified of numerous things held for three and a half months by the seemed Taliban affiliated group he says it was terrifying. The real struggle not in captivity surviving it is when you released. And that's when the real struggle -- Bossone coming. He says one bird -- comes home to tiny -- Idaho it won't be easy to leave behind the trauma of his time as a prisoner. Even the simplest everyday chores may suddenly become a challenge. And nation of being part time and free and chasing manifests our -- col -- Holding my children my arms but -- filled with a laugh. -- three months rates. Every night for six months -- to see images of death. Bird always held for more than five years taken in the remote mountains of eastern Afghanistan. A landscape that those father -- pointed out actually looks pretty similar to his hometown of Hayley Idaho. And that may help -- -- what the military likes to call a soft landing. Back home. Video obtained by the guardian newspaper shows posed father and a nearby tent in woods were below used to -- he says his son could possibly find solace in years. We set this up for him. -- get home there is no timetable for his recovery over -- be physically free but the mental side will take longer. Neil Karlinsky ABC news Haley Idaho.

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{"id":23967611,"title":"Sgt. Bergdahl's Big Challenge: Re-Adjusting to Normal","duration":"1:50","description":"The difficulties for the imprisoned American solider will be re-acclimating to life at home.","url":"/WNT/video/sgt-bergdahls-big-challenge-adjusting-normal-23967611","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}