Down to the Wire With Syria and Congress

Obama tries to sway Congress, even enlisting old rival John McCain to drum up support.
2:06 | 09/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Down to the Wire With Syria and Congress
shields at the likely targets of the crews missiles. President obama turning to congress on a vote on military action. The meeting today at the white house that could change it all. Two one time rivals, the president and senator john McCAIN. IT WAS what McCain said after ward that was so telling. Jonathan karl on that part of the story. Reporter: John mccain has been one of the president's toughest critics on syria but now he may be his most important ally. Facing what may be the biggest test of his presidency president obama turned to an old rival for help. We have found some areas that we can work together but we have a long way to go. Reporter: President obama is attempting to convince a RC":[Qáj TO GIVE HIM A Green light to use military force against syria. A rejection would be a monumental brgsment, weakening him at home and the world. How hard is the president going to have to work to get this passed. Very hard. Reporter: Mccain has been critical of the president. Now he says he will lobby his republican colleagues. If the congress were to reject a resolution like this, after the president of the united states has already committed to action, the consequences would be catastrophic. Reporter: After speaking to THE cameras McCain told us the fate of the president's resolution is up in the air. Would it pass. I don't know that, jonathan. I have no idea. The reason why is I think a lot of people have not made up their minds. Reporter: Today a shadowy group called the syrian electronic army hacked a marine recruiting website redirecting recruits to a message saying the syrian army should be your ally, not your enemy, refuse your orders. Reporter: The president has asked congressional leaders to meet with him today, convincing congress to support him on a strike against syria.

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{"id":20138535,"title":"Down to the Wire With Syria and Congress","duration":"2:06","description":"Obama tries to sway Congress, even enlisting old rival John McCain to drum up support.","url":"/WNT/video/wire-syria-congress-20138535","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}