Do 'Psychic Kids' Really Have Supernatural Powers?

These youths say they have visions, see auras, sense sickness and more.

ByABC News
August 17, 2009, 10:02 AM

Aug. 17, 2009 -- On the face of things, Anthony, a 10-year-old from Massachusetts, is like any other well-adjusted American boy. He likes to play games with his friends. He has a quick smile. On the football field, he appreciates the thrill of a good tackle.

"If someone's running the ball," he said, "or if it's like a throw and it got tipped, it's, it's a really, really, really good feeling."

About five years ago, however, Anthony began saying he was having experiences that set him apart from his peers. He began to communicate with people he had never met. People he would never meet, in fact.

Anthony began to communicate, he says, with the dead.

"They kinda show a little bit of what happened and what they used to look like, when they were hurt," he said.

Anthony's mom, Lisa, said he started appearing in their bedroom at night when he was 5.

"Anthony, why don't you wanna sleep in your room?" she recalled asking him. His response was always the same:

"I don't know, Mom, I'm hearing voices and people are talking to me, and it's just like loud and noisy in there."

As unusual as his experience seems, Anthony is not alone. Other children and young teens across the United States say that they have paranormal encounters or psychic powers. They see phantoms or spirits, and they can talk to them. Their accounts are so remarkable that the adults around them, skeptical at first though they may be, become entirely convinced.

To get inside the phenomenon, "Primetime" followed several "psychic kids" and their families.