British Airways staff flight with only Harrys and Meghans to celebrate royal wedding

The flight left London on Saturday and landed in Toronto.

The airline celebrated the wedding by staffing Saturday's flight BA93 from London to Toronto with a crew made up entirely of Meghans and Harrys. The 10-person crew featured two Harrys, seven Megans and one Meghan.

Megan Horsley, British Airways customer service manager, who led the "Royal Crew," had never flown with so many other Megans before.

"I've flown with another Megan once or twice before, but never seven so we might have to all call each other by our surnames during this very special flight," she said in a press release before the flight.

The airline said the flight to Toronto was selected because it's the city where the relationship between Harry and Markle took off. Toronto is also the city where the couple made their first official public appearance.

"Harry and Meghan's relationship started across the Atlantic so it seemed fitting for all of us to take-off to Toronto on their special day," Horsley added in a press release.

"We are so thrilled for Prince Harry and Meghan so wanted to bring some added sparkle and make our customers’ journeys fit for a Prince or Princess to celebrate this incredibly special day," Carolina Martinoli, British Airways' director of Brand and Customer Experience, said in a press release.

At the airport, British Airways gave a special treat to any passenger named Harry, Meghan or Megan and their travel companions departing from Terminal 5. They were allowed to use the airline's first-class lounge.

The airline also handed out lemon and elderflower Victoria sponge cake, the same flavor as Harry and Meghan's wedding cake, to customers departing from Heathrow.

The airline also added extra champagne onto flight BA93 to celebrate the wedding, and gave every passenger on board "a personal bottle of Castelnau Blanc du Blanc to enjoy alongside their individual celebratory wedding cake," the airline said.