5 Scary, Talented (and Scary Talented) Dancing Puppets

PHOTO: Puppet dances on Angolan TV.
YouTube/SeanKerney, TPA Directo in Angola

Sometimes, amazing combinations are made from melding two things you love. Like, say, alcohol and cake: Rum cake! Or ice cream and tears: Friday night! Other times, however, wonderful things can come from combining something truly amazing -- like twerking -- and something utterly horrifying -- like puppets.

Yup! Welcome to the wonderful world of twerking puppets.

We'll begin our journey in Angola, where a puppeteer shows off his puppet's sweet dance moves, made all the more appealing (?) because the puppet bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Kim Jong-Il. The uploader was kind enough to link to the songs used in the video, so you can practice along at home! (Puto Português ((Scandalous!!!)) - Ta sair male, Propria Lixa - Sabalo, and Perola - Omboio)

Have a look.

PHOTO: Just a simple booty pop.
Go Gaou

Next, let's travel north in Africa to check out this Congolese puppet (as per the video's intro -- although the video's uploader describes this as a "Haitian puppet dance very funny," and the comments go back and forth on whether or not the video takes place in Haiti). Settle back and watch this puppet in track pants dance to Ivorian band Magic System's song Premier Gaou.

Do check it out.

PHOTO: Moves like Jagger.

This quite swankily-dressed puppet from the Dominican Republic dances to "El Teke Teke," much to the apparent confusion of the cute little kid watching from the crowd. Nice moves, sweet threads.

Watch him doing his thing over here.

PHOTO: But seriously, where do they find clothes for these puppets? Is there a "swaggy kidz" section at Macy's?
Cap It Off

This little guy likes dancing to Sean Paul "sin freno'" -- without brakes. And he can get low like none other. Is it ok to be jealous of a puppet's moves? No? Oh. Ok. Was asking for you, not for me. Judgy.

Check him out here so you can practice his moves alone in your room after your Friday night ice cream binge.

PHOTO: South Africa shows everyone up with DOUBLE puppets.
Double Up

Over in Johannesburg, South Africa, this puppet duo have put on their Sunday best to twerk. Stars: They really are just like us.

Watch 'em do their thing over here.

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