El Niño Prodigio Calls It: Mercury Could Mess Up the Election Today!

Univision's resident astrologer on Election 2012 and Mercury in retrograde.

ByABC News
November 6, 2012, 4:13 PM

Nov. 6, 2012— -- Walter Mercado is so 90s. Meet the new face of astrology on Univision, he who they call El Niño Prodigio (The Child Prodigy), or like his mother named him: Victor Florencio. Florencio regularly appears on the network's morning show Despierta America making predictions on everything from natural disasters to celebrity divorces.

With all the talk about Mercury in retograde affecting the elections today, I called up El Niño to see what his Tarot cards are saying and what this means exactly. But I kind of wish I hadn't because what he's seeing isn't pretty. It's going to be chaotic.

"Mercury is the planet of communication," explains Florencio, who discovered his astrological gift as a young boy in the Dominican Republic, and later graduated with honors in psychology at the College of New Rochelle in New York. "When it's in retrograde, you shouldn't make any set plans, you shouldn't sign any important documents or contracts, or make big decisions, and you should watch what you say because people can misunderstand you."

Florencio says this planetary state could negatively impact Obama on Election Day because he is a Leo, a fire sign, and Mercury is currently retrograde in Sagittarius, another fire sign (the third and only other fire sign is Aries).

"In the cards, I've been seeing Obama as the winner for quite some time," says El Niño. "And I see a lot of prosperity if he wins. But if he wins, it will be very, very close. The difference will be very small."

Obama shouldn't celebrate any victories yet, warns Florencio, because Mitt Romney apparently has the planets on his side. "Romney is on the opposite side of this [planetary] problem because is a water sign, a Pisces, so he has that going for him."

The last time that Mercury was in retrograde during an election was in 2000, and we all know what happened then. We're already seeing machines malfunctioning, like this one in Pennsylvania that switched an Obama vote to one for Romney, and was taken out of service.

Florencio says another nightmare recount scenario as in the 2000 election is entirely possible. "Computers tend to go haywire when Mercury is in retrograde, so yes, we might see those types of problems. That's my fear."

The good news? Mercury is only in retrograde until November 26, so no matter what happens, we should know the results by then.

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