What Do the Young Hip Kids Today Find Attractive?

#ImAttractedTo tells you what people are into nowadays, and it isn't pretty.

July 11, 2012— -- Twitter is an information hub for a lot of things: hard news, celebrity gossip, humor, and staying connected to the people in this world you find the most interesting. This leads to trends about popular topics or people on certain days... and if you have an interesting/funny/cute/smart tweet with a trending hashtag, then you might get more followers.

Ladies and gentlemen of the world, this cool trending thing has fallen into the wrong hands... the hands of tweens who post One Direction photos for every trend, every day.

We've been following this epidemic for some time now, but today we get some insight into these tweeters' inner workings and desires. We find out what they're attracted to with the hashtag #ImAttractedTo.

Get ready. It's about to get *~wEiRd~*.

Of course these guys made the cut, so let's just get them over with at the beginning.

Seriously, are these guys even still together?

Things get a little complicated online.

These guys would have pretty different girlfriends, I think.

Then there's this guy, who's all smiles and happy thoughts.

God, I hope he finds his special girl.

Yes. A thousand times yes.

These are people who wear pants that other people are attracted to.

I know he's on hiatus, but I'm really glad somebody brought him up. #neverforgetryangosling

Nobody ever make this guy a sandwich again, please.

Thank you, Bane, for your totally real and definitely not fake input.

Here are another pair of contradicting tweeters. These tweets were actually right on top of each other.

Ladies, ladies. I know how we can sort this out. Find a man with ambition to have muscles!

...not Chris Brown rough.

You're right Madison, the guy on the right IS cute. I'm really into his side part and red tee.

The guy on the far right looks like the woman on the TV above him. #conspiracytheory

Some people online find this attractive.

Ok, enough of that.

In closing, I always end on a high note.This person/robot definitely has the right idea:

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