Girlfriends, Bras and Givenchy: A 3ballMTY Shopping Adventure

PHOTO: DJ Erick Rincon from Latin Grammy-nominated group 3ballMTYNuria Net/ABC/Univision
DJ Erick Rincon from Latin Grammy-nominated group 3ballMTY

I met up with the boys from 3ballMTY for some shopping action in Las Vegas a few days before the Latin Grammys. The Best New Artist nominees and teen idols - DJ Erick Rincón, 19, DJ Otto, 20, and DJ Sheeqo Beat, 20 - are performing their hit "Inténtalo" with LMFAO's Sky Blue and the Electrolytes dance crew.

The guys are not nervous, however. "I don't feel anything until the day of," says Erick. "For the Billboards my mom asked me if I was nervous and I was like 'nah'." They ended up winning 10 Latin Billboards awards out of their 12 nominations. For the Latin Grammy big show, however, you might see Erick and crew in a whole new way: rocking a tuxedo. "I say there's 2 times in my life when I'll wear a tuxedo and dress shoes: for the Grammys/Latin Grammys and when I get married," says Erick matter-of-factly.

In the midst of the immense mall that is the entire Las Vegas Strip, we found a haven called Urban Outfitters. Here's a chronicle of their shopping experience, in the midst of which the distracted DJs spilled some deets about girlfriends, bras, and Givenchy.

Erick and Sheeqo went straight for the "book" section. "Que es esto?"

I made Erick pose with this silly calendar. He obliged. He then said he likes it when girls don't wear bras with flowy shirts. Random factoid, but noted.

Erick's shopping interest is limited to hats and anything Obey. He used to have a similar Brixton cap like this one and lost it.

Sheeqo loves to pose for Instagram pics; he gets his emo "photo face" on. He didn't get the glasses or the cap though. The pendant he is wearing is from Guatemala, with a Mayan symbol Kame which represents his sign, Piscis.

Sheeqo got these Puma kicks as a gift when they played a Puma gig in LA.

DJ Otto, however, bought his own Louis Vutton sneakers...he is also wearing a LV belt. Bury him inside the Louis store.

Here is Otto trying on a bowtie. Not a good look, but he's still cute.

This shirt caught Erick's attention, but when he tried it on he reconsidered, saying "I look like a chef." Erick admits he has a girlfriend but doesn't like to say it because fans get disappointed.

"Givenchy first made these," says Erick. Woah closeted fashionista. #soKanye

A #winning look for Sheeqo Beat. Sold!

Erick keeps looking for hats for his big head.

Sheeqo got these tiger ballerinas for his girlfriend, who likes "cats and felines." Rawr.

"Are these for men or women? It doesn't matter," says Erick. "I wear women's stuff, I have some pants...even a perfume called Halloween. But I don't wear it, I just like how it smells." His manager confirms: "He is the "weird" one of the group -- the one with the most original style."

Erick finally decided for an Obey shirt with an Aztec skull....

...but then made a last-minute impulse purchase when he was at the cash register: XL fart bombs to prank his rommates, Otto and Sheeqo. He was missing a dollar, so I gave one to him. He gave me back the change. Such a good boy.

Otto didn't buy anything but I still made a GIF of him dancing.