What Does Your Beer Say About Your Politics?

Your beer preference may correlate with your political views.

Sept. 27, 2012 — -- Heineken or Sam Adams?  

Choose wisely. Turns out, your answer to that question may correlate with your political views according to a post by The National Journal. 

According to their analysis of Scarborough Research data of 200,000 American adults, turns out Sam Adams drinkers are more likely to be Republicans, and Heineken fans tend to be Democrats. Corona and Budweiser also skew liberal, and Coors Light and Miller Lite have more conservative fans. Bud Light, on the other hand, is fairly non-partisan, with drinkers from both sides of the aisle.

The same study also measured how likely voters who drank certain beers were to show up to the polls on election day. The study found that drinkers of Amstel Light, who tend to be Republicans are the most likely to show up to vote, while Corona drinkers, who tend to be liberal, are the least likely to show up at the voting booth. 

Where does your favorite beer fall? Check out the entire break down here