The 13 Weirdest Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Bitcoins can buy the strangest things.

ByRomina Puga (<a Href="" Target="external">@rominapuga</a>)
May 13, 2013, 5:59 PM

May 15, 2013&#151; -- The Bitcoin launched in 2009, and if you don't know what it is by now that's OK because most people don't. Mother Jones even made this excellent explainer and I still don't fully get it.

What I do know is that it's a unit of online currency that isn't controlled by the U.S. Federal Reserve or any other central authority. In August of last year the exchange rate for one Bitcoin was $10. It seems high until you realize that today one Bitcoin is worth roughly $115.

In the last few weeks the virtual currency has blown up as more merchandisers are using it. The goldmine of merchandisers being, of course, the porn industry, which has always been at the front of the line for new technology. Today, amateur porn artists are trying to make bank (cyber bank) by asking for Bitcoins and upvotes on Reddit instead of money. The two most popular Bitcoin porn stars are LadyBytes and Nina1987. But why are they asking for Bitcoins instead of real physical currency? They haven't said.

What is sure is that they're not alone when it comes to weird things you can buy with Bitcoin. Here are a few others.

1. Lasers

They offer custom orders if you can't find the laser you're looking for on their website.

2. Apartment rentals in Lithuania

If you're looking for an apartment in the largest of the Baltic states (fun fact!) then this might be your place... or maybe it's not... it's probably not.


What looks like sexy Asian ladies soon turns into sexy Asian lady faces on young boy bodies. If that's your thing and you have the Bitcoins to afford it, enjoy!


Exactly what it sounds like.

5. Chinese herbal medicine

This is the "natural contribution to the Bitcoin economy..."

6. Politically incorrect T-shirts

Let's just say a lot of these shirts aren't appropriate for every occasion. Like their "It's because I'm Black isn't it? Fight AR-15 Semi-Auto Discrimination" T-shirt, which features a stencil of a rifle.

7. Pick locks

The internet has become a place of virtual hackers, and now one of the few places accepting virtual currency happens to be to hack into people's real life.

8. A rock & roll shaman

Her credentials include the Laughing Rainbow Mystery School -- great to know -- and under "What I Do" she includes "Mediumship -- yes, I see dead people". If I had Bitcoins this is the first place I'd use them.

9. "Point Break" wetsuits

This is the best designed site on the list. It is a wetsuit-wear website in Australia that has been around for three years and now accepts Bitcoin. Nothing weird to see here unless you really want a wetsuit. (How did this get on the list?)

10. Dental services in the UK

They're modern in that they accept Bitcoin and have a live dental Twitter feed on their page, but then they include a link to Wikipedia's definition of "dentistry" at the bottom.

11. Fresh beef from Australia

The "Order Cycle" page is a little confusing, but other than that everything on this site makes perfect sense if you want to order beef from Australia online.

12. A windshield Replacement site in Utah

This place is literally called A Windshield Replacement. Examples of awkward sentence structure on their website include:

"70% of the Windshields and Auto Glass parts installed by A Windshield Replacement are made in the United States of America."

"Here at A Windshield Replacement your satisfaction and safety is our primary concern."

"A Windshield Replacement can handle all of your automotive glass needs."

But better than the strange name is the homepage photo. It's kind of exactly what you'd picture from a windshield repair website from Salt Lake City that accepts Bitcoins. It's five blond kids (one shirtless) and their parents holding up a sign for their repair service. One kid holding a pink cup looks mad as hell to be there, and the kid next to him is picking his nose.

13. Porn

What, you wanted an explanation?

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