Dear ABC News Fixer: Google Tablet Stopped Working…

PHOTO: The Nexus 7 tablet is shown in this June 27, 2012 photo.Joanna Stern/ABC News
The Nexus 7 tablet is shown in this June 27, 2012 photo.

Dear ABC News Fixer: I purchased three Google Nexus tablets, brand-new at $199 each plus tax, in August. I gave two to my children and used one for my business. In November, mine stopped working completely. I couldn't even turn it on.

I began contacting Google Play to get the matter resolved. I have made probably at least six phone calls over the last four months asking for a replacement or a refund and have yet to get anything resolved.

They email me back, but nothing is ever done beyond that. The tablet was less than six months old! I also tried the Better Business Bureau, but Google didn't respond to them either. I even tried calling Google headquarters and was on hold for over one hour and no one ever answered.

I just want my money back so I can purchase another device for my business. Someone please help me!

- Dianne Caudill, Springfield, Mo.

Dear Dianne: Well, you came to the right place. You told the ABC News Fixer that you took great care of your tablet, keeping it safely in a case away from water. But one day, it just wouldn't turn on.

You wanted to get it fixed, and a Google Play representative said they'd contact you with more information about how to send it in, but you never heard back. Thus began your Google Nexus saga.

We had a little better luck.

After we got your problem to Google's PR machine, they sprung into action. A customer service representative called you right away to apologize, saying this should have been a simple process. They sent you a shipping label, and as soon as you gave them the tracking number they refunded the full $214.

Better luck with your next tablet.

- The ABC News Fixer

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