Dear ABC News Fixer: Medication Mix-Up Is Costing Me

PHOTO: CVS StoreScott Olson/Getty Images
A sign marks the location of a newly-opened CVS pharmacy, May 5, 2004, in Chicago.

Dear ABC News Fixer: In February, my insurance changed my prescriptions to a three-month cycle with CVS Caremark. I went to my local CVS store and they contacted my doctor to get the prescriptions.

Somehow, my prescriptions were sent to both the CVS store and CVS Caremark's mail order service. I prefer to use the store, which is only three blocks from my home. I was unaware that the order was also sent to the mail order service.

Soon after, I received some medications in the mail. I wanted to send them back, since I had never placed that order, so my insurance company did a three-way call with me and the mail order people. A representative assured me she would send envelopes to return all the extra medication. She also said there were three more orders shipped.

I sent it all back immediately. But I am still receiving bills. I was told they had received the medication, but I didn't have the proper authorization to send it back and therefore they could not issue a credit.

- Virginia Thorp, Mission Viejo, Calif.

Dear Virginia: It's stuff like this that keeps the ABC News Fixer in business. This was an easy fix: We got in touch with Christine Cramer, the senior PR director for CVS Caremark.

She apparently got everyone to talk to one another, and in a short time, they credited your account $50.18 for all the charges. Your balance is now zero, and you won't be getting any more pesky bills.

- The ABC News Fixer

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