Paul Fronczak: FBI Working 'Solid New Leads' in Stolen Baby Case

Agents hoping more leads develop after Friday's "20/20" investigative report.

ByABC News
October 31, 2013, 12:36 PM

Oct. 31, 2013 — -- The FBI is working several "solid new leads" in the unsolved case of a baby stolen from his mother's arms almost 50 years ago in Chicago.

Authorities had closed the case in 1966 after the parents, Chester and Dora Fronczak, identified an abandoned infant in New Jersey as their son Paul.

This year, the FBI re-opened the investigation after DNA tests revealed that Paul was not the Fronczaks' biological son.

"We're going to do everything that we can to follow up to see if that baby is out there," said Bob Shields, the special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI office.


In an interview broadcast on an ABC News "20/20" report, along with other new details in the Paul Fronczak case, the FBI's Shields reveals that a team of agents is actively following the new leads that have developed in the wake of previous stories by ABC News and other news outlets.

"We believe there's someone out there that has information," said Shields. "We hope to get that one lead, that one tip that'll come in to provide us that information."

At least four individuals have come forward to claim they could be the stolen baby, after seeing age-progression images broadcast on ABC News.

All four men are 49 or 50 years old, in the range of the age of the stolen baby who was born in April, 1964.

One of the four men, living in Kansas City, contacted both ABC News and the FBI to offer a DNA sample to be matched with the elderly Fronczak parents or their biological son David.

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The FBI's Shields says he hopes more leads will develop following the Friday "20/20" broadcast.

"We believe there's someone out there that has information," Shields told ABC News. "We want to find that child but we also want to find the person that took the child."

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