What the 1st American Ikea Catalog Looked Like in 1985

First Ikea store in the U.S. opened its doors 30 years ago today.

— -- Thirty years ago today outside Philadelphia, the first Ikea store in the U.S. opened its doors, bringing Swedish meatballs and Billy bookcases to the American masses.

After the first store in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, the U.S. now represents 12 percent of the Swedish company's global business. There are 40 Ikea stores in the U.S. today employing 36,500 people, according to the company.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Ikea is offering a discount of up to 30 percent on 30 items to the company's loyal "Family" members this weekend, as well as giving fans a blast from the past by showing off its first U.S. catalog.

There are four iconic Ikea products that are still available today, including the "BILLY bookcase, POÄNG chair, LACK table and KLIPPAN loveseat."

The 1985 prices are noticeably steeper, though it's not clear if the quality of materials have changed.

The bookcase, for example, is 27 percent cheaper today at $59.99 compared to $82 then.