82-Year-Old New York Lottery Winner Plans to Share $7M Jackpot With Daughter

Marilyn Looney was waiting on a hair appointment when she bought the ticket.

— -- An 82-year-old New York woman who says she has been buying lottery tickets for years with her daughter hit the jackpot with a $7 million-winning scratch-off ticket.

Marilyn Looney of Middle Island, New York, accepted a $7 million check Tuesday from the New York Lottery at the Mili Cards and Smoke Shop where she purchased the winning ticket last month.

The Long Island woman was waiting for a hair appointment when she decided to kill time by trying her luck.

“He re-scanned it and jumped five feet in the air," Looney said of the store clerk who was the first to realize she had won, according to ABC station WABC-TV in New York City . "He was very excited for me."

Looney then called her daughter, 50-year-old Carol Prevete, who recalled her mom kept saying, “We won! We won!”

“…Which didn't really surprise me because she always wins on the scratch-offs," Prevete, a mother-of-four, said, according to WABC. "The most we ever shared before this was somewhere around $20,000 to $29,000."

With this winning ticket, the mother-daughter pair will each take home a one-time payment of $2.3 million after taxes because they chose the lump-sum option, WABC reported.

“He was holding my hand,” Looney said, according to WABC, “and he said, 'I knew I married a winner when I picked you.'"