8 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes

The price tag of these Halloween costumes will give you a fright.

Oct. 28, 2011— -- intro: With Oct. 31 approaching fast, we scoured the Internet to find some of the most expensive costumes out there. What we found might be enough to scare you.

Whether you're prepping to take the kids out to trick or treat or planning to attend a private Halloween party, there are numerous budget-busting costumes that may have you gripping your wallet. In our search for high-priced Halloween gear we saw frightening price tags that ranged from $800 to $1 million.

Here's a look at eight of the priciest costumes we discovered around the Web.

quicklist: 1category: $808.89title: Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Men's Costume url:text: The Master Chief costume is a licensed Halloween get-up that includes a quilted jumpsuit with EVA armor, two-piece deluxe helmet, gauntlets and boot tops. For those looking to save the Earth, the costume for Halo Master Chief, chosen by Electronic Gaming Monthly as the eighth-most-popular game character, can be yours for a little more than $800.

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quicklist: 2category: $999.99title: Orange State Prison Jumpsuit Costumeurl:text: The only thing missing from this high-priced prison jumpsuit is a mask of Bernie Madoff. The orange prison gear, which includes "state prison" on the back, is being sold for close to four figures. If you're looking to scare the neighbors as a jailbuster, there's only one jumpsuit left.media: 14828237 caption: use

quicklist: 3category: $1,105title: Elvis Supreme Edition Collectors Adult Costume url:text: You can shake things up with this Elvis costume that includes a white jumpsuit and red scarf to keep your neck and chest warm. The costume, which hits a high note of over a grand, has a plunging neckline, rhinestones and gold grommets. The elaborate Elvis costume has zips in the front for "easy on and off." The costume description does not note if well-coiffed hair is included. media: 14828050caption: use

quicklist: 4category: $1,299.99 title: Replica Anakin Skywalker Costumeurl:text: You can be the young Darth Vader for nearly $1,300 with this costume straight from "Star Wars." The Anakin Skywalker costume comes with a cloak, inner shirt, outer tunic, cloth belt, pants, leather belt with accessories, leather shoulder strip tabard and leather glove to make your experience more authentic.

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quicklist: 5category: $1,369.95title: Fish Mascot Costumeurl:text: A fish out of water is the stuff rainbow nightmares are made of. This costume comes with built-in fans to keep you cool when walking around with the character head on your shoulder. There is also a screened vision panel so you're not enclosed in darkness on a spooky Halloween. media: 14828107caption: use

quicklist: 6category: $2,500title: SIREN Gem Tron Legacy Costumeurl:text: A custom made SIREN Gem Tron Legacy costume is for sale for eBay. To explain the costume, here's what the seller wrote to prospective buyers: "I am a professional cosplayer. This is NOT just a Halloween costume to me. I take my costuming seriously and work very hard on achieving the most accurate look to what you see in the movie or comic book the character originated from. I use only the best materials. In other words, you are not just purchasing some cheap Halloween costume. My work has been compared to the actual costumes in the movies and are the best out there." media: 14828249caption: use

quicklist: 7category: $9,915title: Medieval Gothic Full Suit of Armor Costumeurl:text: For those that would like to opt-in to medieval life, a steel costume from a seller in India is up for grabs. The handmade costume can be used as protection for part-time, wannabe, contemporary knights that can afford the more than $9,000 price. The auction for the costume came to an end on Thursday evening. But, there may be more.media: 14828226caption: use

quicklist: 8category: $1 milliontitle: Veniamin's Human Slinky Costumeurl:text: In the '80s, a quarter in the vending machine would net many children a coveted miniature slinky. Now, for adults looking to make the plastic toy more like performance art of their youth, there is a Veniamin Human Slinky costume listed on eBay for seven figures. The "one size fits most adults" costume comes with five years of permission to perform on stages across the world. You can also choose to wear the costume for a lifetime for Halloween or private parties, according to the listing.media: 14828171caption: use