Massachusetts Man Shipping Snow, With New England Foliage Next

Kyle Waring plans to sell foliage next.

Kyle Waring, 27, of Manchester-by-the-Sea, about 30 miles outside Boston, said he anticipates to deliver snow at least until July by shipping "snow" from ice rinks. And when that runs cold, he's turning his attention to another website he launched this week:

His friends and family think he's "extremely creative," he said.

"My friends and family are really proud of me for coming up with a simple idea. My colleagues are really thrilled about it,” he said. “They think I’m completely crazy in a good way. It works well for me because I have to be fairly creative at work.”

"We're in the business of expunging snow," his website states.

If or when the snow runs out in Massachusetts, he will likely have to charge more for the potential product from ice rinks, he said.

"I’m not as concerned but the best snow is fresh snow," he said.

His wife has been busy helping him during the day while he's at work, but he also has a simple system to collect snow.

"I just leave Styrofoam boxes outside and let snow fall into the boxes," he said.

Waring says what he's doing is perfectly legal, after consulting with a lawyer.

Gleaning basic information from customers' personal messages, he's learned that his customers vary.

"Most of my orders come from Bostonians right now and they ship to friends and family, mostly kids," he said. "I’m thinking this might be the first time they’ve ever seen snow."