Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials Generate Lots of Buzz

Oscar winner's series of strange advertisements aims to boost car sales

October 20, 2014, 12:27 PM

— -- Matthew McConaughey may be an Oscar winner but it is his commercials for a car company that are generating all the buzz.

McConaughey, 44, who starred in 2011's “The Lincoln Lawyer,” is now the pitchman for another Lincoln, the car company Lincoln Motors.

“I've been driving a Lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one,” the Texas-born father-of-three says in one commercial.

In another, McConaughey stares down a bull and says, “1,800 pounds and do whatever the heck I want. I can respect that.”

The mood-filled ads have become viral hits -- drawing over 1.5 million hits and counting on YouTube.

The ads featuring McConaughey, who won an Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club,” have also drawn the attention of comedians like Ellen DeGeneres who spoofed the ads on her TV talk show.

“Maybe we should ask him to mooooove along. Mooooove it along,” DeGeneres says in the spoof, during which she’s superimposed behind McConaughey in a car.

Luckily for Lincoln, the online buzz is translating into big business for the brand. The company reports sales are up 13 percent year-to-date so far.

“The Lincoln brand has sort of been out of sight for so many years,” Benjamin Zhang, transportation reporter for Business Insider told ABC News. “People are talking about Lincoln again.”

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