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Press Release: Napa Home and Garden Issues Precautionary Sales Hold for Gel Burners and Gel Fuel

ByABC News
June 13, 2011, 8:09 AM

June 13, 2011 -- Press Release For: Contact:June 13, 2011 Craig Brown

Napa Home and Garden Issues Precautionary Sales Hold for Gel Burners and Gel Fuel

Incidents prompt owners of family business to review product safety

June 12, 2011, Duluth, GA – Napa Home and Garden, Inc. today announced it will issue a precautionary hold on sales of its gel burners and gel fuel in response to recent reports of injuries from its gel burner products.

"My wife KC and I decided to take this step when we learned about recent reports of serious injuries," says Jerry Cunningham, Owner. "We have sold tens of thousands of Fire Burners and fuel during the last two years and have always considered them safe products."

Gel burners are relatively new products in the market and have become an important part of Napa's product line. In addition to Napa's products, millions of similar products from a variety of suppliers are being sold in most major mass market retailers and thousands of independent stores.

"To date, we have been relying on the guidance of our fuel supplier to create the safety directions on our packaging, warning labels and care and use instructions," explains Cunningham. "But we always place the safety of our consumers first and foremost. Although we feel our product is safe when used correctly, because of these recent events, KC and I feel it is necessary that we reaffirm the safety of our products."

Napa's message to retailers outlines three important steps Napa is taking.

First, they are requesting all customers temporarily remove gel burners and gel fuel from the shelves as a precaution.

Second, they are using a third party safety expert to review the product's safety, warning labels, and "Care and Use" information to make sure it provides accurate and complete safety information to the consumer.

Thirdly, their fuel supplier is having the incidents investigated to determine if there was anything wrong with any batch of fuel.

"I don't know what the other suppliers are experiencing," says Cunningham. "But we're a small family-owned business, we care very much about our customers and we want to help assure our products are used safely."

The burners and fuel containers already have extensive warnings. The bottle has the OSHA approved warning symbols. The fuel bottle states on the front of the bottle: "Keep out of the reach of children." Directions advise consumers to, "always follow recommended procedures provided by equipment manufacturer. Never add fuel to a burning fire."

The care and use instructions with the burner that are included contain directions that include the following: