10 Facts We Learned About Barbara Walters From Her Celebration Party

Did you know she can dance?

ByMichael Rothman
May 15, 2014, 10:05 AM

May 16, 2014— -- intro: Barbara Walters spent her life asking the tough questions in the interviews no one else could ever get. So when it came to the legend's farewell bash on Wednesday night in New York City, all her esteemed colleagues and longtime friends obviously wanted to gush about the icon.

But they also wanted to reveal fun facts about the media queen, who has been paving the way for other journalists for more than 50 years. Walters, herself, even revealed some not-so-well-known facts heading into her retirement.

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Here are 10 things we learned about Walters:

quicklist: 1title: No One Actually Thinks Walters Is Retiring text: "I don't think she's leaving, I'm not convinced," ABC News anchor Amy Robach said.

"She'll be like, 'Monica Lewinsky, she wants to sit down with me.' So I have to do this, they'll be something," Deborah Roberts of ABC News joked.

"We are not losing anything, because I'm convinced she's going to be back next week with another get," ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said.


quicklist: 2title: She's a Great Bosstext: "When Deborah [Roberts] was expecting our first child, she pulled her aside, said 'Listen, enjoy your family, cherish this child, do not rush back and put your career in front of your child.' That meant so much," Robert’s husband, NBC weatherman Al Roker, said.


quicklist: 3title: She's a Great Dancertext: A story that was told to reporters was how Walters broke it down at George Stephanopoulos's wedding to comedian Ali Wentworth, dancing to Greek music.


quicklist: 4title: She Wants to Learn Another Languagetext: In addition to traveling, Walters told ABC News Wednesday night, "I want to go to museums and learn Spanish."

Yes, Walters wants to learn Spanish, and we are sure she'll have it mastered in just a few days.


quicklist: 5title: She Says She'll No Longer Be an Early RiserText: Among things she is excited about heading into retirement: "I'm going to sleep late and meet friends for lunch." It's Barbara Walters, she's earned it.


quicklist: 6title: She Has a Funny SideText: Another sentiment from all her longtime friends and co-workers was that when the camera is not rolling, Walters is very funny and can ever drop a dirty joke from time to time.

quicklist: 7title: She's Happy to Live an Unplanned Life After Decades on TVtext: "It's the first time where I'll have a life where everything isn't planned," Walters said of what she's looking forward to after retirement. "I will travel, I will see something besides the inside of a studio ... the fact that I'll have an unstructured life, I've never had that."


quicklist: 8title: She Will Still Stay in Touch With Her Co-Workerstext: "I will still have 'The View' to look out for and care about, and I will have the chance to see friends, but it will be a different time, I know that," Walters said.


Quicklist: 9title: She Gave Katie Couric Advice Through the Yearstext: "She was always reaching out, just supporting me and she's always said I remind her of a younger version of herself. It's such a compliment," Couric said. "She is always so kind and gracious ... She's always reached out to me throughout my career and I've always felt like she's someone I can call with a question or if I need advice."

quicklist: 10title: She's a Beloved Legend

text: OK, so maybe you knew that already. But Stephanopoulos says, smiling, "She's done everything, she's done everything first. It's unbelievable. She has broken so many barriers and set so many records. She's inspired not even a single generation, but generations."

Also, Robach added, "She is just so quick, she's salty sweet, she's got this maternal aura around her, where you trust her, you believe her, she's got credibility, she's got authenticity, then she's got fire."

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