50 Cent talks 'Power' ending after Season 7, finding his future wife

The rapper said he knows exactly where his hit show is headed.

June 22, 2017, 8:26 AM

— -- Although the hit series "Power" is set to start season four Sunday, its executive producer 50 Cent already knows when fans will be forced to say goodbye.

"I was telling [executives] in the very beginning, when they talked about how long do you think the series is going to last, I said seven," 50 recalled to ABC News earlier this month. "It’s going to go seven."

The rapper, whose birth name is Curtis Jackson, also portrays Kanan, the nemesis of wealthy nightclub owner and protagonist James St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick on the series.

When Season four premieres Sunday, St. Patrick, who doubles as an underground drug lord known as Ghost, finds himself behind bars.

In an interesting twist, St. Patrick isn't thrown in prison for selling drugs. Instead, it's for a crime he didn't commit -- killing agent Greg Knox. His own girlfriend, Angela Valdez, played by Lela Loren, arrests him.

As for a girlfriend off-screen, 50 Cent, 41, said there's a reason why you haven't seen a woman on his arm recently.

After being extremely public in his former relationships with Ciara, Vivica A. Fox and Chelsea Handler, Fiddy said he's taking more of a low-key approach.

"Friendships are the strongest form of relationship," he explained. "After the friendship develops until the point that it becomes priceless, then you’ll see that person around."

"Even then, you don’t necessarily showcase it," he continued.

So is there a future Mrs. 50 Cent out there?

"I don’t feel negative about it," the rapper said about marriage. "Tradition kind of trains women to do different things."

50 said his marriage "would have to be based on the woman’s religious beliefs."

"Outside of that, it’s a bad contract," he said. "If it means something to her ... then it’s different. Other than that, then it’s a business deal. And it’s not a good one."

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