John Stamos, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher and More Commit Crimes of Twitter Stupidity

These days, with the media and paparazzi chronicling their every quip and nip-slip, it stands to reason that celebrities don't need an outlet of their own to look stupid.

But celebrities on Twitter appear to be so beyond reason.

It started off purposefully enough, with Lance Armstrong using the micro-blogging platform to tell fans about his collarbone injury and Demi Moore harnessing the power of the "tweeple" to stop one of her followers from committing suicide.

Now, the good deeds of the few are being eclipsed by the vapid musings of the many. Like John Stamos' scrutiny of sweat. And Ashton Kutcher's ode to Moore's behind. And Katy Perry's updates on the state of her inanely named cat, Kitty Purry.

What follows is not the result of a study that placed iPhones in the hands of apes in the Amazon. No, this is Hollywood at its 'tworst.'

Celebrity: John Stamos.

Act of Twitter stupidity: Sharing more than anyone wanted to know about Uncle Jesse's hygiene habits.

JohnStamos: off to sing and run on the treadmill - i sweat so much during rehearsal they call me - john stay-moist. my new porn name. yours????

Celebrity: Travis Barker.

Act of Twitter stupidity: Dredging up drama better suited for divorce court.

trvsbrkr: Your uncle is a convicted child molester @shannamoakler. Why won't u agree to keep him away from our kids? Are u really that s****y of a mom?

Celebrity: Courtney Love.

Act of Twitter stupidity: Starting a mud-slinging match with a fashion designer that led to a lawsuit.

courtneylover79: "oi vey don't f*** with my wardrobe or you will end up in a circle of corched earth hunted til your dead."

Celebrity: Diddy, aka Sean Combs.

Act of Twitter stupidity: Encouraging overuse of caps and exclamation points.

iamdiddy: DIDDY CODE: Don't HATE CONGRATULATE!!!! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!!!

Celebrity: Katy Perry

Acts of Twitter stupidity: Posting a photo of her naked, in a bathtub, with a pizza covering her privates (has no one gotten the message about not taking semi-nude photos?) Also: infusing her cat with a celebrity ego.

katyperry: - I have no self control.

katyperry: everyone please pray for miss kitty purry, she is hearing rumors of NOT winning best pet for TC [Teen Choice] awards... & it looks like she might jump.

Celebrity: Ashton Kutcher.

Act of Twitter stupidity: Waxing poetic about his wife's behind while she's bending over before him, then posting a photo of it for all to see.

aplusk: Watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God! [followed 15 minutes later by the photo and the directive, "Shhh!, don't tell wifey."]

With the volume of stars tweeting, this list can only grow. Tip us off to any stupid celebrity tweets you see by posting a comment in the section below.