David Spade Gets the Ladies in Spades

Lately linked to Nicollette Sheridan, Spade has a history with beautiful ladies.

Nov. 26, 2008— -- Some guys have all the luck.

When reports surfaced over the weekend that geeky comedian David Spade was spotted canoodling with hottie actress Nicollette Sheridan, a collective double take rippled throughout the blogsophere. Say what?!

Spade's publicist Meredith O'Sullivan told ABCNews.com that the reports are "completely false. They are just friends."

Friends or more than friends, one thing is for sure: Spade has quite the track record with beautiful Hollywood women.

Before Sheridan, he was linked with actresses Heather Locklear, Lara Flynn Boyle, Julie Bowen and Krista Allen. And in August, Spade's ex-girlfriend, Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, gave birth to his daughter.

"He's the ultimate Hollywood player that all the nerds are rooting for," Ian Drew, US Weekly's editor-at-large, told ABCNews.com. "He's living the life all men wish they could lead."

What makes Spade's case even more curious is the fact that he's not artsy actor geeky -- he's goofy geeky, and his movies aren't the stuff that make most ladies swoon. He's played some pretty pathetic characters on screen, most memorably, the frail foil to Chris Farley in "Tommy Boy" and "Black Sheep."

So, just how does the smirking, skinny Spade have so much luck with the ladies?

"It's that case of if you can make a girl laugh, you can find a way to her heart," Drew said. "He's smart, he's funny. He's not a Brad Pitt. But do you want to be with Brad Pitt, who won't give you the time of day or the guy who really appreciates you?"

"I think he's very attentive, very funny, very smart, very in your face," Drew added. "He kind of has it all, except for the Brad Pitt looks."

When it comes to cuter guys, some of Spades' women would know. Allen dated Pitt pal George Clooney and Sheridan recently split from fiancé Michael Bolton.

Drew, for one, isn't surprised by the Sheridan-Spade hookup. "I think these two make sense," he said. "They are about the same age (he's 44, she's 45), have similar interests and are no strangers to publicity."

Clinical psychologist Armond Aserinsky sees these seemingly lopsided matches, where the woman physically outshines the man, all the time.

"Guys are known a lot more for what they do than for what they look like," Aserinsky told ABCNews.com. "In fact, male vanity has long been suspect. That's why they had a program called 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.' If you dress too well, you must be gay."

Looks and Laughter

Aserinsky also cautions that the most beautiful woman in the world may be masking her insecurities. "There are some women who don't think all that much of themselves," he said. "And they may be physically remarkably beautiful. They may say, 'I don't deserve so much,' but here's a great compromise -- someone who's rich and famous, but looks like a troll."

"Men, on the other hand, are sometimes remarkably comfortable with their own poor looks," Aserinsky added.

Aging also seems to have less impact on men, who, in general, are more comfortable growing older. Women often view getting older as "ruin about to happen," whereas men, especially competitive ones, worry more about their prowess diminishing in everything from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Drew believes Spade is aging a lot better than most American men. "He looks better than a lot of men with money and power," he said. "He's skinny, in good shape and has a head full of hair."