Full List: When is Your Favorite TV Show Returning?

The strike is over and Hollywood is scrambling to get scripted shows back on the air. Check out ABCNEWS.com's continually updated list of what's coming back when.

LAST UPDATE: Feb. 13, 3 p.m. ET


No new day for "24" until 2009. Though eight episodes are complete, "the new season of 24 has officially been postponed for a year," The New York Times reported Feb. 11.

30 Rock

NBC hopes this spring to "have five additional episodes of the comedy, depending on the availability of the star Alec Baldwin," the New York Times reported Feb. 13.

Aliens in America

The freshman CW sitcom "won't produce new episodes but remains in the hunt for a fall return," Variety reported Feb. 12. Eight episodes remain in the 2007-2008 season, but it's unclear if or when they will air.

Big Love

TV Guide reported Feb. 7 that the HBO series is "expected to go into production on Season 3 in the spring. Airdate info is TBD."

Boston Legal

USA Today reported Feb. 12 that the show "plans to shoot eight episodes to air in April and May in addition to the two finished installments scheduled to air tonight and next week."


Creator Josh Schwartz said that the season is done and the show will relaunch in September, USA Today reported Feb. 12.

Cold Case

Returns March 30 with five new episodes, according to CBS.

Criminal Minds, CSI: NY

Both return April 2 with seven new episodes, according to CBS.

CSI: Miami

Returns March 24 with eight new episodes, according to CBS.

CSI, Without a Trace

Both return April 3 with six new episodes, according to CBS.

Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy

All "will still be able to produce a good chunk of their back-nine orders this year, allowing ABC to bring them back in the spring" with several episodes each, Variety reported Feb. 11.


An HBO representative told ABCNEWS.com: "At this time, the premiere date for 'Entourage' is undetermined. I can confirm that the show will not premiere in June."

Flight of the Conchords

An HBO representative told ABCNEWS.com the show was not slated for 2008, and the network is not sure whether a second season will roll out in 2009.

Friday Night Lights

"NBC execs are looking for a way to bring back 'FNL,'" Variety reported Feb. 11.

Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs

Both return April 4 with six new episodes, according to CBS.

Gossip Girl

'"Gossip Girl' aims to be back on the CW in late April, and could complete its 22-episode first season by running original hours through the summer," Entertainment Weekly reported Feb. 8.


The series, "with its elaborate serialized storyline, is ... expected to take the summer to regroup," Variety reported Feb. 11.

How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men

All return March 17 with nine new episodes, according to CBS.


"Lost's" producers "won't be able to finish the remaining eight segs of the show's planned 16-episode season -- five is a more likely number -- but they will be able to craft a completed storyline for the remainder of this season," Variety reported Feb. 11.

The Office

"We're going to do another six," executive producer Greg Daniels told the New York Times Feb. 13. "We might be able to squeeze in seven if NBC asks for them."

Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Samantha Who?

All renewed for 13 more episodes to air in the fall, Variety reported Feb. 11.

Saturday Night Live

The sketch comedy show will return live Feb. 23 with Tina Fey hosting, the New York Times reported Feb. 13.