Adam Levine Reveals the Biggest Perk of Being Famous

He didn't hesitate with this one, but it's probably not what you think.

— -- Adam Levine is a guy who definitely enjoys his fame, but you may be surprised by what he claims to enjoy most about being an internationally known rock star.

It's not the screaming women, or the boatloads of cash, or the Grammy Awards, or getting to tour the world: It's the food.

"Getting a reservation at any restaurant in town, at any time. That's the greatest thing about being famous, 'cause I love to eat, and I love to eat at many different restaurants. So anyone who doesn't tell you that that's the best part is crazy," he told USA Today. "It's the coolest thing ever! Whenever you want, pretty much. ... Like, [we] could go, right now, to Nobu or something, and have an amazing meal that someone is waiting months to have! We're so lucky."

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Levine, 35, who is now starring in the film "Begin Again" alongside Keira Knightley, may be used to fame, but life on a movie set was foreign to him. In fact, the whole experience shook his confidence a bit.

"[Acting] wasn't this lifelong passion so I was a bit freaked out about it," he said. "The way I responded to it was by just believing. The amount of self-believe I had to inflict upon myself was huge!"

Still, don't necessarily think he's walking around with a big head. When asked what was sexy about him, the reigning Sexiest Man Alive declined to answer, instead focusing on his least sexy qualities.

"I don't really have a filter, so I say a lotta things that are gross," he said, adding that he can be vain, "kind of." "[But] I'm not the vainest person in the world!"