Adam Sandler and David Spade Team Up for Netflix Comedy, 'The Do-Over'

The former "SNL" cast members are back together on screen.

— -- Adam Sandler and David Spade have been making magic together since the 1990s.

Now, the funny men are starring in the new Netflix movie, "The Do-Over."

"It was actually better because we've never done it, just us, and we didn't have those other guys around to deal with," David Spade quipped this morning on "GMA." "But great to work with him, very fun."

In the film, Sandler plays "Max" and Spade is "Charlie” -- old friends who reunite at their 25th high school reunion and decide to wipe the slate clean for a do-over.

The pair even fake their deaths and assume new identities amidst their action-packed antics.

"Percent-wise, we did about none of them," Sandler joked about performing stunts in the film.

"I didn't know it'd be this big or this good," Spade said. "It was such a gift...I read it [the script]. It was so funny with twists and turns."

Both actors admitted there are auditions they'd like to "do over."

"I auditioned for the third call-back of 'In Living Color' and it was me or Jim Carrey," Spade said. "I think they did the right decision....I'm like, 'I'd pick that guy. This guy's unbelievable.' But I wouldn't do that one over, it was good. SNL, I did not have a great audition."

Sandler responded: "I don't think I got one thing I auditioned for, so every one of them."

"The Do-Over" will be available to stream on Netflix tomorrow.