Amazing 1970s Video Shows Christoph Waltz Singing and Dancing in a Rainbow Unitard

The "Horrible Bosses 2" actor is forced to confront his past.

Kimmel provided film evidence from Waltz’s past – a 1970s children’s TV program called “Am Dam Des,” showing Waltz singing and dancing, depicting the new year in a form-fitting, rainbow-striped unitard. Waltz lowered his head and covered his eyes as the clip played.

Kimmel asked Waltz to explain the video, which pops up online from time to time.

“I still watch it … It’s so entrenched, it’s raw, it’s full of despair, it’s poignant, deep,” he said.

“Are you sure we’re talking about the same show?” Kimmel asked.

“The theme song alone, it haunts me,” he said, before singing a tear-drenched version of the iconic song.