Amy Schumer opens up about breakup, reveals she's already dating again

PHOTO: Amy Schumer performs in New York City, June 8, 2017.PlayRobin Marchant/Getty Images
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Amy Schumer has already moved on from her ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch. Still, the comedian is reflecting on their relationship and what led to its end.

"I went through a breakup about a month ago. We were a year and a half, you know," Schumer said Thursday onstage at the Hilarity for Charity Variety Show in New York City, according to People.

Schumer and Hanisch, a furniture designer, split in May after meeting through a dating app back in November 2015.

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"We went out with a couple who had been together a long time, we were trying to rush the intimacy," Schumer detailed. "Like I was trying to impress the girl and I was like, 'Well he woke me up this morning with a fart!' And he just slowly turned to me and he goes, 'Are we doing this?'"

"And I was like ‘No, no, no, no, we’re not opening fire. Don’t tell me any of the disgusting s--- I’ve done," the comedian deadpanned.

Still, Schumer said she's already moved on.

"I’m dating this new dude. He’s awesome, he’s like Stephen Hawking, sexually," she quipped.