Andrew Garfield on His New Film 'Silence,' Golden Globes Kiss With Ryan Reynolds

“It was nice for Blake to have a break from his mouth,” he joked on "GMA."

— -- Andrew Garfield addressed his public smooch with Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes, saying that Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, “loved it” as much as they did.

“It was nice for Blake to have a break from his mouth,” Garfield, 33, joked on “Good Morning America” today.

The passionate kiss happened as Ryan Gosling made his way to the stage to accept the award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy. Reynolds was also nominated in the same category.

“I said to Ryan Reynolds, ‘If you win, I think we should kiss before you go up there,’” Garfield recalled. “He was very keen on the idea, as I knew he would be. And then when he didn’t win, I was disappointed for him, but mostly I was disappointed that our plan couldn’t come to fruition. And then I said, ‘Whether you win or lose, we could still just enjoy the moment.’"

“It was just my way of showing my appreciation for him and my way of saying, ‘You’re enough, no matter if you win or lose,’” he added.

Garfield underwent extensive preparation for his role as a persecuted Portuguese missionary in 17th century Japan in the new Martin Scorsese film "Silence."

“Marty Scorsese wanted to make this film for 28 years,” said the actor. “A part of that was a seven-day retreat I did with Adam Driver who plays the other priest in the film. It was an incredible thing to switch off all technology and to just be with yourself, which is kind of a rare occurrence for us in our culture right now. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing.”

"Silence" is in theaters now.