Anna Paquin's 'True Blood' Hookups

PHOTO: Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in "True Blood."
Tony Rivetti/HBO

Sookie Stackhouse has certainly gotten around the fictional town of Bon Temps in HBO's "True Blood."

For actress Anna Paquin, who portrays Sookie, the show's lead character, that means a lot of love scenes with her fellow co-stars.

"I've had sex with several cast members on the show—obviously, on camera," she told E! News.

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But Paquin isn't bothered by all the love scenes.

"Actually, it's not really uncomfortable because we're all like kind of cozy and friends," she told E! "It's like, 'Oh, I'll put my leg there, you put your hand there. It's OK, whatever.'"

Even having her real-life husband and co-star Stephen Moyer direct her love scene with Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello, in Sunday's season opener, didn't faze Paquin.

"It should be weird, but it's not," Paquin told E! "We're a very tight family."

For his part, Moyer told Entertainment Weekly, "In a funny way, I feel like — without revealing too much — it's quite interesting for us as a couple because we've kind of gone to places where a lot of people don't get to."

That brings us back to Sookie and all of her hookups as the show enters its final season. Click through to read about a few of them.

PHOTO: Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton in "True Blood."
Tony Rivetti/HBO
Bill Compton/Stephen Moyer

Sookie's main love interest from the beginning has been Bill Compton, the dashing vampire-turned-demigod. The pair were more or less together for three seasons, until Eric Northman came between them.

In real-life, nothing has come between Paquin and Moyer, who fell in love while filming the series, married in 2010, and had twins, Charlie and Poppy, in 2012. Paquin told EW: "Because it (the show) has lasted seven years and because of the relationships, not just between us but the way they all evolved as a family, it's been extraordinary to have that experience that is completely life-changing in all of the best possible ways — and with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. We will always have this."

PHOTO: Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in "True Blood."
John P. Johnson/ HBO
Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard

Bill's biggest rival for Sookie's affection was Eric Northman, played by Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard. Even though Eric and Sookie waited until Season 4 to share their first kiss, things got hot and heavy soon after. Ultimately, Sookie moved on, deciding she couldn't be with either Bill or Eric. Although Eric was killed at the end of Season 6, don't be surprised if he doesn't show up for the series' final season.

PHOTO: Robert Kazinsky as Macklyn Warlow in "True Blood."
John P. Johnson/HBO
Warlow/Robert Kazinsky

The vampire-faerie Warlow came this close to making Sookie, a fellow faerie, his bride in Season 6, until his real motive was revealed: he just wanted Sookie for sex and to drink her blood. Warlow was killed in the season finale, just as Sookie reconnected with long-simmering potential flame Alcide Herveaux.

PHOTO: Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux in "True Blood."
Tony Rivetti/HBO
Alcide Herveaux/Joe Manganiello

There's long been tension between Sookie and werewolf Alcide. In season 3, he confessed his love for her after breaking up with his girlfriend. In season 4, it seemed they would finally hook up after a drunken make-out session, but Sookie ruined the moment by throwing up on his shoes. By Sunday's season premiere, it was clear that Sookie and Alcide were finally a couple and we got to see them do the deed.

Of course, that was the scene directed by Paquin's husband. As Moyer described it to EW: "There are moments where I'll be watching on a monitor [and say], 'Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna's breast. Good. ...And then I'll go, 'Babe, babe, enjoy it.' I'm certainly talking to her as 'babe.'"

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