Ariana Grande Manchester benefit concert: How to help

If you want to donate, here's where your money is going.

The British Red Cross had raised nearly $9 million before the concert had even concluded, according to the Associated Press.

"Well, the fantastic news is we've already raised around 7 million pounds [or around $9 million,]" chief executive Mike Adamson told the AP. "And we expect to raise another one and half million pounds from ticket sales tonight and then further funding from the TV rights and merchandising. So, we're really looking to appeal that's going to move towards 10 million pounds."

Grande, 23, also announced Sunday on Twitter that "Uber will make a donation equal to all Uber fares taken to and from #OneLoveManchester to British Red Cross' We Love Manchester Fund."

British viewers can donate £5 (or around $6.50) by texting LOVE to 70507.

Anyone else can donate by visiting:

Donations to the British Red Cross may not be tax deductible. Additional fees may also apply.