'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale: Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul Engaged

Read the quick recap of the season finale.

— -- The very first season of "Bachelor in Paradise" came to a close Monday night and the finale started off with six couples.

Harrison said he is interested to see what the audience thinks of what Michelle Money did, by going to Graham and telling him what she thinks about AshLee.

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After AshLee and Graham left, Harrison said the "others fell like dominos."

Christy and Tasos as well as Jackie and Zack both left the show next.

Now, it was down to three couples -- Michelle and Cody; Sarah and Robert; and Marcus and Lacy.

"Marcus and Lacy were a no brainer, we knew they’d be there," Harrison wrote, adding that for Sarah and Robert, it was the fantasy suite where they realized it was over. "The more Sarah looked around the room and listened to everybody she quickly realized her relationship and experience didn’t quite measure up ... When a woman comes out to spend an intimate evening with a man, and he is trying to go to sleep and does so with his jeans on, that’s not a good sign."

That left just two couples.

"Cody and Michelle are easily the most unlikely couple to come out of this franchise," he wrote. "He came in and blew her away ... He’s a good man and loves her very much. I was very happy to see them leave paradise together, and I’m even happier to know they are still very much in love and planning a life together."

Then, there's Marcus and Lacy, who "have been falling for each other for weeks now."

"It seemed like Marcus and Lacy were barely a part of this show. It almost felt like several weeks ago they checked out and went somewhere else," he added.

And the big kicker -- Marcus proposed and Lacy accepted!

"That final day I knew Marcus planned to propose. He showed me the ring and we talked about it right before we walked in for that final rose ceremony. He was nervous, but was 100 percent sure he was ready to pop the question. It was exciting for all of us to see all of this end in such an incredible moment ... Lacy of course said yes and so became our newest engaged Bachelor couple," Harrison wrote.