'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Caila Threatens to Leave

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' love triangle came to a head on Monday.

— -- The "Bachelor in Paradise" love triangle between Jared Haibon, Caila Quinn and Ashley Iaconetti came to a head on Monday when Caila told Ashley she wanted to go home.

Ashley, tired of seeing Jared and Caila together, immediately set her sights on the newest addition to Paradise -- Wells Adams, from JoJo’s season. Ashley’s prayers were answered when Wells asked her out on a date.

During their date in the city, Ashley told him she was happy he was there and revealed to the camera that she might even like him more than Jared. Wells said he also was “really excited” and punctuates the conversation with a long kiss.

The pair sent candle-lit lanterns into the night sky which, if they rose without bursting into flames, were said to make wishes come true. Theirs floated without igniting -- or so they think -- but as the camera lingers, the lantern goes up in a puff of smoke.

Back at the house, tempers flared between Lace Morris and Grant Kemp when Lace started flirting with some of the other guys, causing Grant to storm off. Later he argued that Lace disrespected him, while she insisted she did nothing wrong. Unwilling to put up with his petty behavior, she told him, “Good luck finding love with someone else.” Later, she tells the other ladies she was thinking of going home.

Grant tried to convince Lace not to leave, declaring that he loved her. She was unmoved. He explained that he knows she acts the way she does because she’s scared. By the end of the night, they seemed to have made up.

Meanwhile, confusion between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton over the sleeping arrangements left the two arguing.

Then it was another rose ceremony, with the women in power. Beforehand, Evan Bass revealed to Carly Wadell that he’s falling in love with her, and she says the feeling is mutual.

Daniel Maguire used the pre-ceremony cocktail party to secure a rose from Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind by giving her a bigger and better lamp in an attempt to one-up Brett Melnick, but he told her she can only keep it if she gives him a rose.

At the rose ceremony, Carly gave her rose to Evan; Ashley gave her rose to Wells; Jen gave her rose to Nick; Izzy gave her rose to Brett; Caila gave hers to Jared; Lace gave her rose to Grant and Amanda gave her rose to Josh.

When it was Haley Furguson’s turn, she called her twin sister Emily up and shocked the room by announcing that they were leaving Paradise. That left Brian Osborne, Carl King and Daniel without roses and therefore sent home.

Before they left the house, the twins warned Amanda about Josh’s intentions. Amanda confronted Josh. He assured her that his intentions are good. Josh went back to the house and challenged the others to tell him to his face that he’s not genuine. Nick stepped up.

A fight ensues when Josh accused Nick of trying to sabotage his relationship with Amanda because she rejected Nick.

Furious, Josh threatened to leave. Amanda told the other ladies that she’d heard from several people about Josh and can’t ignore that. Josh asked Amanda to leave with him so they could continue their relationship away from the others. She ultimately convinced him to stay.

There was more trouble in Paradise as another newcomer -- Jamie Otis from Ben’s season -- showed up with a date card. Wells was the only one around, so she asked him and he accepted. Nick and Jen broke the news to Ashley, who -- to everyone’s amazement -- appeared to handle it well.

Jamie and Wells went on an off-road adventure through Mexico.

Ashley still hasn’t let go of her feelings for Jared and confronted Caila, who decided Paradise wasn’t big enough for the both of them. As the show ended, we were left to wonder whether Caila will stay or go home.