'The Bachelor' Recap: Jubilee in the Spotlight

Jubilee was thrust into the spotlight, Olivia was shamed for her toes and more.

— -- Several women weren't in the mood to celebrate Jubilee's one-on-one date with Ben Higgins on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor."

The women were stunned that Jubilee could ask such a question, while they were forced to stay at the mansion.

Jubilee opened up to Ben about her "bad past," revealing to him, "My whole family died, except for me."

She received a rose, to the surprise of some bachelorettes who didn't expect her to return to the mansion.

Jubilee factored into the cocktail party as well, which began on a sad note when Ben informed the group that two people close to his family died in a plane crash. He sought comfort from the women, but was turned off when Olivia seemed more interested in chatting about how much she hates her legs.

Jubilee gave him a massage, and that didn't go over well with her fellow contestants because she already had a rose. Eventually, she and Amber had a confrontation over the "Anyone else want to go on my date?" comment.

Ben defended Jubilee, saying he wants Jubilee to be herself so he can understand her better.

Lace was worried that she wasn't getting enough time with Ben. Then, before the rose ceremony, she approached him and quit the competition, suggesting she was ashamed of the way she'd been acting.

"I just feel like going home might be easier and maybe just continue working on myself and trying to better myself," she said.

Afterward, they were split into two teams; the winning team got to spend more time with Ben, while the losing squad was sent back to the mansion. Amber earned the group date rose.

At the rose ceremony, two bachelorettes were eliminated: Shushanna and Jami.

Next Monday night on ABC, Ben and the 14 remaining bachelorettes travel to Las Vegas.