Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky on Her 'Happy' Life Today, Nick Viall's Season

The fan favorite, now engaged with a daughter, shares her advice for Nick Viall.

"There’s a lot more sexuality on this season," she told ABC News' Nick Watt. "[The] second episode, and there's already been two topless girls. I just want [the women] to know they're better than that.

"Nick is considered the sexy Bachelor," she said. "I feel like the girls on this season feel the need to play up their sexuality for that reason."

The alum singled out two front-runners to win Viall's heart: Corinne, the woman fans love to hate, and Ravel, whom Fedotowsky called "a little Southern belle, very sweet, very cute."

After an unsuccessful first run, she was named the next Bachelorette, and 25 men fought to win her over. The season finale ended with an engagement to Roberto Martinez, but the pair split after the final rose, leaving her once again single.

"We fell in lust on the show. You think you're in love. But really, really, you don't know that person," she said. "When you get engaged, you probably spent a total of 72 hours with that person. We went back into the real world, and we realized we weren't right for each other."

Fedotowsky said she does not keep in contact with her ex.

Since then, she found her own happily ever after in the real world. In 2015 she got engaged to Kevin Manno, a radio and television host, and the two welcomed their first child, now 6-month-old daughter Molly, last year. They live in Los Angeles with their dog, Owen.

"Last night, we were lying in bed and … just said, 'I'm happy,'" Fedotowsky said.

She joked that her daughter could be a contender to be "the Bachelorette 2027."

"Dad is saying, 'Oh, God,'" she said.

Happy with her life today as full-time blogger and mom, she has advice to Viall to follow his heart. "Don't put too much pressure on yourself to stay in a relationship that's not necessarily right," she said.