'The Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Dorfman Learns About Eric Hill's Death

PHOTO: Andi Dorfman will embark on her journey to find love when she stars in the tenth edition of "The Bachelorette," which will premiere May 19, 2014 on the ABC Television Network.Craig Sjodin/ABC
Andi Dorfman embarked on her journey to find love in the 10th edition of "The Bachelorette," which premiered May 19, 2014, on the ABC Television Network.

On an emotional episode of "The Bachelorette" Monday night, we saw for the first time Andi Dorfman's initial reaction to the news of Eric Hill's death.

Eric, a 31-year-old world explorer, died in a paragliding accident in Utah in April, after he was eliminated during taping of the current season. After “The Bachelorette” producers learned of Eric's death, host Chris Harrison passed along the sad news to Andi and her four remaining suitors: Nick V., Chris, Josh M. and Marcus. Andi's eyes welled up, and she commented, "There's nothing even really to say. Just, so young."

She and the bachelors mostly sat in silence before the production crew stepped in to console them.

Before the rose ceremony, Andi confessed to Chris Harrison that she felt a "responsibility" to stay strong for the men. Harrison reassured her that she doesn't need to put that kind of pressure on herself.

But Eric's death still weighed heavily on Andi's mind at the rose ceremony. As she was set to present her first rose, she walked away to another room and cried. After composing herself, she returned and handed out roses to Josh, Chris and Nick.

Andi parted ways with Marcus, telling him that she couldn't reciprocate the strong feelings he has for her.

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In the lead-up to the rose ceremony, Andi visited the hometowns of the remaining bachelors. She began her travels in Milwaukee, where she reconnected with Nick V., a 33-year-old software sales executive. There, she was introduced to Wisconsin culture: She tried on a foam Cheesehead hat, toured the Lakefront Brewery and attempted polka dancing.

Andi wasn't entirely prepared for what awaited her once she and Nick arrived at his family's home. She was caught off guard by the number of relatives who greeted her -- more than a dozen. The number included Nick's 9-year-old sister, Bella, who peppered Andi with questions. But she forgot Andi's answers by the time she met with her big brother for a debriefing.

Nick admitted to his family that he was in love with Andi. In turn, his parents gave Andi their seal of approval.

Andi traveled west to the small town of Arlington, Iowa, to experience first-hand the quiet life of Chris, a 32-year-old farmer. When she asked him what she would do for a living if she moved there, Chris quipped, "There's an opportunity to be a homemaker." The subject was dropped once Andi saw a plane in the sky carrying a banner that read, "Chris loves Andi!"

Chris' mom was supportive of Andi, even telling her that she'll make beautiful babies one day. She called Andi and her son a "match made in heaven." Next on Andi's itinerary: Tampa, the hometown of Josh M., a 29-year-old former pro baseball player. She took a few swings at a baseball field where he honed his skills as a child.

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Josh explained to Andi that he left pro ball to spend more time with his family, especially his younger brother, Kansas City Chiefs draft pick Aaron Murray. She learned just how important football is to his family when they played the sport at their home.

Andi was concerned that if she were to marry Josh, she wouldn't be his number-one priority. But his family convinced her that would not be the case.

Andi concluded the hometown visits in Dallas. Marcus, a 25-year-old sports medicine manager, re-enacted their first date by stripping down for her inside a lounge. Andi repeatedly gushed to the cameras that she found Marcus to be very sexy.

Later, Marcus told his mother that he feels fulfilled with Andi in his life. Andi sensed how strong the bond is between Marcus and his family. But, apparently, that was not enough for her to keep him in the competition.

"The Bachelorette" continues next Monday night with Andi, Nick V., Josh M. and Chris in the Dominican Republic.