How 'Bachelorette' Runner-Up Nick Viall Finally Got Closure

PHOTO: Nick Viall of The Bachelorette on Good Morning America, July 31, 2014.PlayABC
WATCH 'Bachelorette' Contestant Nick Viall: 'I Just Need to Move Forward'

On Monday's "After the Final Rose" special, "Bachelorette" runner-up Nick Viall famously asked Andi Dorfman why she had sex with him during the filming of the show if she wasn't planning to choose him.

However, their controversial conversation was actually a positive experience, he said.

"I think Monday was a lot of closure that I needed and she’s obviously in a very happy relationship and I’m very happy for the both of them," Viall said on "Good Morning America." "I’ve accepted her decision and am looking to move on. She’ll always have a place in my heart. She’s an incredible woman and I just need to move forward."

In the end, Dorfman chose former baseball player Josh Murray, who promptly proposed. However, before they were able to tell the world about their wedding plans and how their relationship progressed, Dorfman met Viall face-to-face for the first time since she rejected him a few months ago.

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"I was a little taken aback Monday by her demeanor and some of the things she said, but I remember Andi as a very genuine and loving person. And as much as Monday night was emotionally charged and an overwhelming night for me, I’m sure it was difficult for her too," Viall said of their conversation. "It’s a tough situation for myself and probably for her. I hope not, certainly, but I’ll always think fondly on the experience."

As for his oft-discussed comment, Viall reiterated that he didn't plan to say that to Dorfman, and while he said that sex isn't a shameful conversation, he wished he had been "a bit more delicate."

"I spent two incredible months with Andi, and I shared a lot of meaningful moments with her. Not just what I mentioned," he said. "Looking back, what’s disappointing is that comment, it’s polarizing and controversial, maybe kind of took away from the relationship itself. What I certainly hope and didn’t intend to do is put her on the spot and hurt her feelings, and for that I feel bad."