'Bachelorette' Star Andi Dorfman Shares Her Easy Diet Secrets

The newly-engaged lawyer cut out carbs from dinner but won't give up red wine.

— -- On "The Bachelorette," Andi Dorfman showed off her figure with form-fitting dresses, bathing suits and more.

Turns out, she works hard to stay in such great shape.

"I'm not one of those people who love to work out, but I love the results and the high after a killer workout," she told Shape magazine. "I'm a grind type of girl because I'm not patient enough for a class. I get in a gym, put on my headphones and sweat it out by running, doing the stair master, abs, and free weights. I love doing circuit training."

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Dorfman also squeezes in tiny workouts here and there, including calf raises when she brushes her teeth and skipping the elevator in favor of the stairs.

"[I also] do squats on commercial breaks if I'm watching TV," she added. "It's so easy and it has become my little habit."

Dorfman also keeps her diet "pretty clean," though she does allow for the occasional splurge. Her favorite guilty pleasures? chocolate cake, pretzels ("even though they are basically empty carbs") and red wine, "which I refuse to give up."

But overall, "my diet is pretty clean. I am not a morning person so I force myself to eat breakfast. I love a bowl of fruit with granola sprinkled on top and a splash of soymilk," she said. "I eat a lot of lean meats like turkey and chicken. I've cut out carbs from dinner and substitute with different veggies and I've realized I don't miss them at all!"