'Bachelorette' Star Josh Murray Is Ready for Kids With Andi Dorfman

"Bachelorette" winner Josh Murray said they "want a big family."

— -- "Bachelorette" star Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray just announced their engagement, but the groom-to-be is already thinking about starting a family.

Dorfman? Not so much.

"We're waiting a little while, though he doesn't want to wait," she told ABC News. "I was like, 'When you can afford my push presents!'"

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Meanwhile, Murray, said that he's ready for "a whole team of kids" and is "ready to start poppin' 'em out."

"[But] she's the boss when it comes to this stuff," he said, adding hopefully, they'll have four children. "We want a big family. We love kids."

First thing's first, however. Dorfman said that she and Murray are already starting to think about their wedding, which they hope will take place in the spring. Expect to see some of Murray's former competition from "The Bachelorette" on the guest list, they said, along with great food and solid entertainment.

"The vibe we would want is just fun," she added, before turning to her fiance. "I'll let you come to the tastings... unless you want to come pick out colors and everything?"

Clearly, they're already on the same page, because Murray didn't miss a beat.

"I'm gonna pass on that!" he said.