Backlash against Kevin Spacey for coming out in apology to Anthony Rapp

Billy Eichner, others called the statement "disgusting, irresponsible."

Rapp, now 46, accused Spacey during an interview with BuzzFeed of trying to seduce him while attending a party back in 1986.

Spacey posted a statement on Twitter saying he is "beyond horrified" by the story, but doesn't remember the encounter. He went on to say he was examining himself and now chooses "to [openly] live as a gay man."

Though Spacey's message included an apology, if he "did behave then as [Rapp] describes," his choice to focus the rest of the statement on coming out as gay ignited outrage from a host of comedians, actors and more who said Spacey was wrong to "hide under the rainbow," instead of acknowledging that Rapp was only 14 at the time of the alleged incident.

Several others also criticized Spacey for saying that, if the incident did happen, it was "deeply inappropriate drunken behavior" because they said no amount of alcohol makes it OK to approach a minor.

Billy Eichner called Spacey's statement, "disgusting, irresponsible and dangerous."

Here's what some others had to say.